METZ | Wet Blanket (Version II: Initiation)

Masonic Initiation

Masonic Initiation

METZ | Wet Blanket (Version II: Initiation) Listen Here

Rejected 07/05/2012 What they made instead...


A continuous steadicam shot following a person through a bizarre initiation ritual.


We open with a shot of a blindfolded person tied to a filthy mattress, being dragged behind a vehicle on a rope in the middle of the night. The mattress is sliding around the asphalt surface of a basketball court. The mattress and blindfolded victim are illuminated with a spot light. 

The vehicle stops. A crowd of people carrying torches, wearing burlap masks pull the blind-folded person off of the mattress. The blindfolded person begins to run, still partially bound in the ropes that held him to the mattress. The blindfolded person’s path is guarded on two sides by menacing people in ugly burlap masks and holding torches. Standing shoulder to shoulder in two lines, the torch carriers form a long tunnel, which the blindfolded person runs through. We follow the blindfolded man as he runs. The camera stays just ahead of him. As the blindfolded person advances, the torch carriers touch their torches together behind him, preventing him from turning back.

Finally, the blindfolded man comes to a break in the line of torch carriers. He realizes that the torch carriers have been shoving him in a circle. He walks into the centre of the circle, looking disorientated. Suddenly the stocky men with the padded bats reappear. The men grab the blindfolded man and drag him towards the tall steal post used to support the basketball hoop. The men use bindings dangling from the blindfolded victim to hoist him into the air. They dangle the victim from the basketball hoop like a pinata.  

As the video closes, the torch carriers close in around the victim. They lower their torches and touch the ground underneath the dangling, blindfolded victim. The ground erupts with sparks, fire and smoke. The blindfold falls away from the victim. We see a huge close up of his convulsing, terrified face.

Cut to black.