METZ | WET BLANKET (version I)

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Rejected 07/05/2012 What they made instead...


Werewolf groupies murder the band.


Let the Right One In vs Teen Wolf


The video will be one continuous shot, played in reverse, as if the audience is rewinding a security tape. 

We will open with a shot of three female werewolves partying and drinking blood from beer steins. In the background, three bodies are suspended from the ceiling, wrapped in plastic. Plastic tubing has been inserted into the bundled victims to allow their blood to drain. The plastic tubing leads to a dispensing nozzle (similar to the hose on a beer keg at a frat party).

The tape winds back further. We see woman wrapping the band members in plastic like human spiders, and hoisting up their cocooned bodies to hang from the ceiling.

The tape winds back further. One by one, we see the band members murdered by the werewolves.

The tape winds back further. We see woman transforming in front of the camera.

The tape winds back further. The groupies look like regular young women, hanging out with the band.

We close with a traditional shot of the band posing with the girls. In an homage to the ending of Micheal Jackson’s Thriller, we freeze frame and zoom in. One of the girls has demonic eyes.

Cut to black 


The werewolf girls will have prosthetic fangs. Hair will be applied to their chests to obscure their breasts. Two LED lights on thin wire will float in front of the actresses eyes, creating an animal “glowing eyes” effect in camera. 

The footage will be grainy and desaturated. Similar to a security video, or a snuff film.