Filmmaking CV


I am a filmmaker and designer in Toronto. I tend to not make the same thing twice. I have made music videos and visual art for bands like Tokyo Police Club, Of Montreal, Owen Pallett, DIANA,  Obijou, Grizzly Bear, Phèdre, Odonis Odonis, Evans Blue and The Elwins. I made work for BravoTV, Warner Music, the AGO and Nuit Blanche. My work has been featured on the YouTube and Vimeo homepages and generated millions of views. I have been nominated for a Much Music award and won category awards at the Hamilton Film Festival, CFC Short Film Fest and Spacing Magazine Awards. On December 22, 2008, I was recognized by the influential blog as Best Unsigned Director. 


Impostor Syndrome (post production)

Eavesdrop | Short Film Series (2015)

Sujan Stevens | Fourth of July (2015)

Beta Frontiers | So Cold (2014)

Old Smith Rupe (screenplay in development) 

The Undective (screenplay in development) 

SOMA (screenplay 2014)

Shawn Clarke | I Blame the Loyalist Ghost (2014)

Odonis Odonis | Angus Mountain (2013)

DIANA | Perpetual Surrender (2013) 

Warm Myth | Working (2012)

CFC Short Film Festival Ad  (2012)

Of Montreal | Spiteful Intervention  (2012)

Bruce Peninsula | In Your Light(2012)

Michael Zapruder | Florida (2012)

Adam and the Amethysts | Prophecy (cancelled)

The Elwins | Stuck in the Middle (2012)

Phedre | In Decay (2012)

Ohbijou (Stage Visuals) Metal Meets Tour 2011

Kathry Calder | Who Are You? (File Under Music, 2011)

We Have Band | Love What You’re Doing (Naive Records)

Anarbor | Gypsy Woman (Hopeless Records, 2009)

Aesop: Kingdom of Frogs (Bravo TV, 2009)

Reverie Sound Revue | You Don't Exist  (2009)

In Case of Fire | Enemies (RCA/Jive, 2009)

Of Montreal | An Eluardian Instance (Polyvinyl, 2009)

Michael Zapruder ~ Ads for Feelings (Sidecho, 2008)

Ten Kens ~ Worthless (Fat Cat, 2008)

Moros Eros | On My Side (Victory, 2008)

“My Toronto” Ad Spot (Spacing Magazine, 2007)

Evans Blue | The Pursuit Begins (Hollywood Records, 2005)

Grizzly Bear | Central and Remote (Warp Records, 2005)

Final Fantasy | He Poos Clouds (Tom Lab, 2005)

Wax Mannequin | The Price (Infinite Heat, 2004)

“Terraform” Student Film April 2004


As Producer...

Tokyo Police Club | Wait Up (Mom and Pop)

Dinosaur Bones | NYE (Dine Alone Records)

Rock Plaza Central | Excellent Steel Horse 


Long Winter: Fair (02/13/2015)

AGO First Thursdays (01/02/14)

Mannifesto 2013: Bathurst Art Gallery

Fucked Up's Long Winter 2013: Great Hall

Social Bank Nuit Blanche 2007 | Secular Confessional  (with Todd Julie)

Picture This (Gallery Show 2004) 


Souvenirs from Earth TV (France, 2013)

Phase3 Videoart TV (Germany, February 2012)

Short and Sweet, (showcase, June 2011)

Hamilton Film Festival, (November 2010)

Contra Vision Film Festival (Germany), September 2010

Portable Film Festival, August 2009

Director’s Notes Showcase, UK, July 2008 

49th Krakow Film Festival, 2009

Museek Film Festival, St. Petersburg 2009

Gay and Lesbian Film Fest 2007

Canadian Youth Film Fest 2006