METZ | Wet Blanket


Test Pilot (METZ Wet Blanket concept III)

Rejected 07/05/2012 What they made instead...

One take video…

We see a medium close-up of a test pilot strapped into the cockpit of a centrifuge. There is a small window to the man’s right, that allows us to see outside the vehicle.

The vehicle begins to spin around a central axis. It spins at a faster and faster pace. The pilots face deforms.

As the song peaks the vibrations from the vehicle, and distortion of the man’s face, make the picture increasingly abstracted and surreal. We almost feel as though the pilot is breaking through to some other dimension. Colours and strange light spills enter the frame. It feels as thought the pilot is disintegrating. Abstract beings made of pure colour drift in and out of the frame, like something out of Fantastic Planet. The frame is filled with pure white light as the pilot blacks out.

Suddenly the craft begins to slow. A medical team rushes to revive the pilot.


The window of the centrifuge will be an HD video screen. This TV will act as a rear projection screen for the cockpit. We will display footage of an engineering lab spinning faster and faster on it.

The facial distortions of the pilot will be produced using an air cannon. The video will be shot at 60 fps and the final video will pay in slow motion. 

Test pilot footage

Fantastic Planet Meditation