Rituals | Mesmerize

Rejected by MuchFact 05/30/2012


The band reanimates a mummified corpse using a car battery.


Dark, ambient. Moments of humour.


A) We open with a shot of a blackened, mummified human driving a pick-up truck at night.

B) Flashback: Three men arrive at a swampy lake in Northern Ontario in a pick up truck.

C) The men locate a tree stump near the lake with rusted chains wrapped around it. They unwrap the chains and begin pulling them. Bubbles erupt from the lake. The men pull a coffin from the lake wrapped in plastic drop cloth. 

D) Using a box cutter, the men cut away the plastic. They pry open the casket with a crowbar. Inside is a blackened muffed corpse. 

E) One of the men pops the hood of the pick up truck and attaches jumper cables to the vehicle’s battery. Using alligator clips the corpse is wired to the battery. The truck is started. The corpse sits up with a jolt of electricity. 

One of the men reveals a remote control, similar to one used on remote control cars or aeroplanes. The man pushes the nobs on the remote control. The corpse stands up robotically in response. 

F) The man with the remote control sends the mummy after his companions as a joke. Startled, the two companions rush away. One of the frightened men stumbles. The mummy jumps on his chest. The man with the remote control struggles with it’s switches and buttons. The mummy is no longer obeying him. 

G) The mummy begins strangling the companion violently. The first man drops his remote control and tries to pull the mummy off his companion. The mummy is too strong. The first man grabs at the copper wires still connecting the mummy to the car battery and yanks them away from the mummies body. The mummy is continues to attack.

F) The third man returns with a large thick tree branch. He strikes the mummy in the chest and frees the man who was being strangled. The mummy staggers back, bracing it’s self on the hood of the truck. The three men rush away from the scene into the woods, with the creature in pursuit.

G) As the video ends we see mummy turn around and begin loping towards the idling truck.

H) We return to the open shot of the mummy driving.


Camera 7D Canon DSLR + Canon EF 24-105mm zoom lenses + shoulder mount. 

Effects The mummy will played by a thin actor performing in heavy body paint, with prosthetics and special effect make up on his face hands and feet. 

We will shoot in daylight at magic hour.

Sparks and smoke during the car battery sequence will be shot practically.