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Rejected 04/14/2008


For “Body Crash”  I would like to make a montage of cliches from the classic Role Playing Games of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The final video will be realized in two separate animation styles which will be intercut with one another.  50% of the video will be animated using 15 inch tall stop-motion puppets shot in real life outdoor settings (ie. woodlands, marshes ect) The other half will be comprised of enlarged pixel-art animations reminiscent of the classic games.  All of the characters will share a distored, bug-eyed anime influence .

The cast of characters includes a crotchety but banal warrior toting a sword of ever-increasing size, a holistic magic-mushroom eating mage and a feisty thief who’s attacks foes with the cursed disembodied skin of his face. This party will venture through various forest settings bantering, fighting scorpions, building up their levels, buying items and preparing for a boss fight at the climax of the video. The final battle will feature a giant man-eating flytrap.  During the stopmotion versions of these scenes, each of the cartoon impact explosions, as well as the spells the mage casts will be built out of paper and composited into the scene.


What they made: