BAMBOLEO (Remix Video)

Directors: Jesse Yules and Cameron Tomsett


Run Away school bus viral video


The majority of the video will be a low frame rate (stopmotion-stye) dance sequence viewed from a locked-down camera at the front of the bus.  As the bus travels, it will pick up various strange characters and surreal characters (children, old people, ghosts, dogs, alien blobs ect) who each perform unique dance moves aboard the bus.  Similar to Daft Punk’s “Around the world”, the video will start with one character popping up from behind different seats based on the music. As the song progresses and the bus travels to different destinations different characters will begin appearing from behind the seats. By the end of the video there will be a full variety of characters appearing from behind each seat synchronized to beats and hits of the song. We will also create wide shots of the bus speeding around the world give the video variety.  We would like to animate these wide shots, using a miniature bus.   The bus will drive crazily through unexpected off-road environments such as a swamp, a dump and a disco.  Also, the bus will make a dare-devil style ramp-jump through a flaming hoop.

Shot List

Overhead shot of a stop-motion bus rocketing down an empty highway.

Locked down shot of a school bus, one character appears from behind the seat popping up and down to the beat. 

Bus passes through a farm.

People dressed as pigs, cows and chickens appear from behind the seats.

Wide of shot of the bus driving through a river.

Everyone on board does the “wave” in their seats as new characters begin to appear. Fish people, Alligator people etc…  The pond water will be bed-sheets painted to look like water.  The swamp plants will be pieces of foam covered in real weeds.

Close-up shot of one of the bus’ fuel gages.  It’s marked “fun” and the needle is steadily rising. 

Wide shot of the bus driving through a graveyard.

Ghosts (people in sheets), vampires, warewolves characters etc…appear from behind the seats.

Wide shot of the bus driving through a discotheque.

Silver disco balls flood the bus. Balloons pop up from behind the seats as well as sweaty disco dancers.

At this point the once empty bus is packed full of different characters all bouncing up and down the music. The bus is a full out celebration with disco balls coloured lights and a whole lot of characters. bus can fly through the flaming hoop at the end and explode in mid air.

Delivery Format:  PAL Beta SP