IMPOSTOR SYNDROME (Feature Film) Streaming Soon.

A hopeless loser is sent into a crisis after he is made infamous by an online marketer. Starring Felix Beauchamp, Hana Holubec, Casey Evans Acante and Brendan Black. Enter a sci-fi of the mundane in the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut about fake news and magic mushrooms.

You can listen to an audio book version of the screenplay here

Michael Zapruder | Florida

From the album Pink Thunder, video directed by Jesse Yules. Pink Thunder is a collaboration between Michael Zapruder and 23 poets, three engineers, and a few dozen musicians, released on October 16 on Zapruder was inspired by the poets and their art when he met them on the Poetry Bus, a rock-style tour of performing poets, organized by Wave Books, which is co-run by Michael's brother, poet Matthew Zapruder.