IMPOSTOR SYNDROME (feature film)




A hopeless loser is sent into a crisis after he is made infamous by an online marketer. Starring Felix Beauchamp, Hana Holubec, Casey Evans Acante and Brendan Black. Enter a sci-fi of the mundane in the spirit of Kurt Vonnegut about fake news and magic mushrooms.

You can listen to an audio book version of the screenplay here

Eavesdrop (Screentest)

The Eavesdrop project is a series of short film collaborations with Toronto's live storytelling community. The first bloc of story's were shot live at public laundromats. The theme is dirty laundry. Featuring Jesse Yules, Ilya Schwarz, Amy Cunningham, Zeb Pike and Nolan Murray. Special thanks to Lisa Schwarz, Arianne Shaffer and Jessica Rae Gordon.

Eavesdrop Pt. 1 "The Body" | Jesse's birthday party is interrupted by woman in distress. 

Eavesdrop Pt. 2 "The Snip" | Ilya talks about his manly scars.

Eavesdrop Pt. 3 "Amy Goes Left" | Amy Cunningham's adventures at the OB/GYN.

Eavesdrop Pt. 4 "Garbage Man" | Nolan tries to help the less fortunate. 

Eavesdrop Pt. 5 "The Other Woman" | Zeb's almost romance. 


Michael Zapruder | Florida

From the album Pink Thunder, video directed by Jesse Yules. Pink Thunder is a collaboration between Michael Zapruder and 23 poets, three engineers, and a few dozen musicians, released on October 16 on Zapruder was inspired by the poets and their art when he met them on the Poetry Bus, a rock-style tour of performing poets, organized by Wave Books, which is co-run by Michael's brother, poet Matthew Zapruder.