The Elwins | Sittin’ Pretty

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The Elwins | Sittin’ Pretty Listen Here

Listen to live version here  Great video in it’s own right!

Rejected by MuchFact 04/30/2012


The Elwins have a medieval joust wearing armor constructed entirely from balloons.

Art Direction / Mood

Fun, viral, pop psychedelic, stop motion.


Step 1 We will construct costumes using 2000 twisting balloons, similar to the those used by magicians to make balloon animals. The characters will include three knights wearing balloon suits of armor, three princesses wearing balloon-crafted dresses. The knights will ride stick ponies with large horse heads completely sculpted from balloons.

Step 2 We will act out a joust in stop-motion. Each time a knight makes contact on another knight with his balloon sword or balloon lance some of his armor will pop, and disappear. Once a knight has all of this armor popped, he will be eliminated from the tournament and run from the jousting area in only his underwear. At the end of the video champion is crowned and he receives the hand of the princess.

Technical Treatment

Camera Stop motion 5K stills. 7D Canon DSLR + Canon EF 24-105mm zoom lenses.

Studio We will be shooting in the large room at Silver Line Studios.