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Rejected 9/19/07 What they made instead... Nothing

For ‘Refined’ I want to a make an early 90’s video that complements the early 90’s vibe on the album. What I have in mind is similar in aesthetic to David Lynch’s Eraserhead, except mixed with the old Louis Carrol poem ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’. My pop-psych stop-motion work will be prevalent. Everyone in the band will appear in the video. *note* though this video is primarily focused on oyster eating very few actual oysters will be eaten (which is too bad because they’re delicious!). We’ll be faking the shots with empty sterilized oyster shells and corn syrup.




We open with a slow moving pan through the graffiti alleys of Queen West.


It’s evening and the lighting is harsh with deep shadows.

As we continue down the alley we come across Dean, sitting on a picnic blanket on the ground beside two women. The three have their heads against the wall and are blowing large puffs of cigar smoke into the

sky in time with the music. They look stuffed. Surrounding the group are a number of party accessories. There’s a small t.v tray, some empty bottles and a metal bucket heaping with chilled oysters.


The camera pans right and finds Lee with his own heap of oysters and lady-friend. We have a super close-up of him splitting one of the shell fish with a shucking knife.


He then delicately licks the center. To his right, his companion is eating much more aggressively. We get a strong, silhouetted profile shot of the girl throwing back the oysters. The clear slime runs down her neck and chest.


We continue down the alley. To the left we pass Ryan. He’s passed out, lying like a rag-doll with his head buried in shells. We continue on. We find Dan loading up a miniature wheel barrow with ice. He’s wearing a pair of industrial rubber gloves. Beside him is a huge fat man - cropped so we can only see his belly. The fat man hands another sack of oysters to Dan. Dan, halfhearted, splits the sack open with a knife and dumps the shells into the barrow (barely paying attention). As he casts the sack aside and heads back to refill his band mates’ platters, we notice a label on the side of the bag marked “EXPIRED”.


We jump cut to Dan shoving the oysters out of the barrow with a scoop. He tosses a few more Ryan’s way even though he hasn’t moved an inch. Quickly we cut between Dean, Lee and the girls all chowing down.


Suddenly everyone begins to feel ill. As we examine Dean, who is slouching and slack-jawed, we notice that

the girl beside him (who’s blurred by the depth of field) seems to have been mutated. Dean turns his head to look at her; as he moves the girl comes into focus and immediately returns to normal. He shifts his attention to the second girl on his other side. The same effect is repeated.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the ally, Lee continues to eat but with more craziness in his eyes. We see a wide shot of Dean looking back and forth at his slouching, sickly women, before cutting to Lee again.


Next we see a first-person view of what Lee is hallucinating. His companion’s head has been completely replaced by a giant oyster shell. Lee stares intensely. Her huge shell parts in the centre. A litter of clear slime pours out along with a thick tentacle.


We cut back to Dean’s terrified eyes, then cut to his girl friends. The top half of their faces have been replaced by oyster shells. They’re looking at one another, stroking each other’s arms. It looks as if they are about to lean into one another for a kiss. Just as they come close enough, the shells on their faces pop open, dumping slime and exposing their fat oyster tongues. The two begin French kissing with the oyster tongues. Dean does his “metal” scream.


As the build in the song begins, the fat man from earlier arrives on the scene, flanked by Dan. We pan up and see that he’s a huge walrus man. He licks his lips as he surveys all the tasty oyster heads in the ally. He begins to stomp down the alley. Dean looks terrified and hides behind the kissing oyster girls. Lee looks excited, Dan is unamused and Ryan is still passed out.


The walrus reaches Lee’s former companion first. He thrusts his head into her shell and begins to eat her. Slime pours everywhere. We cut frantically between everyone in the scene. Dan continues to walk around serving more and more oysters, oblivious to the goings on.


The walrus makes his way over to Dean’s oyster twins and separates them. As Dean recoils in horror, the walrus takes a girl in each arm and begins thrusting his head at each of them, biting them in turns. We cut between everyone once again. Dean is in the fetal position, covered in slime, Lee is spooning his shell-head girlfriend (stroking her shell) and Dan’s still tossing oysters at everyone. The walrus goes back and forth, biting the twins rapidly as the song peaks.


We end with a fall away shot of Dean screaming. Everyone around him appears to be human and passed out. Lee is stroking the head of his girl who’s lying on the ground. Dan is heading away with his wheel barrow.

Cut to black

What they made instead: Nothing