!!! | Must be the Moon

!!! | Must be the Moon Listen Here

Rejected 03/30/07

Theme: Drunken party video, referencing the donkey sequence from Pinocchio.


The scene unfolds at a crazy party held in a run-down 30’s style home. We tour the house with a POV shot, as if we’re seeing through the eyes of one of the eccentric guests.

The house is packed with young people. We work our way through the crowd. We drink from a bottle curiously labeled “!!!” brand moonshine. It has a picture of a donkey on the bottle and the liqour glows a florescent green. As we drink from the bottle, our view becomes progressively hazzier. We see trails, halos around the lights and eventually full on hallucinations.  

Eventually, with a final chug from the liquor, we see the heads of many of the guests morph and change into the heads of braying drunken donkeys. The donkey creatures party even harder than their human counter parts.

The party is divided into several rooms. Each room has a collection of donkey headed guests. In one room the guests are dancing. One male pulls on the exposed underwear of a female donkey with his teeth. A second female donkey comes up behind the male. She pins a tail to his butt.

In the kitchen the donkeys are eating piles of oysters and tacos.

In the bathroom two donkeys are shampooing a great black dog. 

As the video closes, we exit out onto the back porch. Several donkeys are cheering on a blind-folded donkey swinging a bat. Above him bobbles a donkey-shaped pinatta. The bat-weilding donkey bashes the pinatta in half, showering the the floor with with candy and a fluorescent green liquor.

Our final shot is of a donkey with his whole mussel burried in the crushed remains of the donkey pinatta, fiesting on it’s candy innards.