Kathrn Calder ~ Turn a Light On

Kathrn Calder ~ Turn a Light On

Rejected 11/05/2011 Another director closer to Vancouver was chosen to shoot a similar concept.

Director: Jesse Ewles & Cameron Tomsett 

Concept:  Kathryn Calder sings as she walks through a dark, winter forest illuminated with giant paper balloon lanterns.

Art direction / mood: Warm and cool lighting. Dreamlike feel. The balloon lanterns will be shaped like owls.



a) Kathryn Calder walks though a snow covered forest at night.

b) The forest is illuminated by dozens of large paper balloon lanterns tethered to the base of the trees. 

c) Above, the stars in the sky are hidden by the glare from the lanterns. 

d) Kathryn sings as she walks through the forest. 

e) Kathryn visits each of the large lanterns. She blows out their candles. The darkened lanterns float to the ground.

f) As the light from the lanterns are extinguished, the stars above become more and more visible. By the time the last lantern goes dark, the stars are glowing as bright as fireworks. 

g) Kathryn walks towards a teepee. She lies down on a bed of pine branches and covers herself with a fur blanket. The stars in the sky are glowing brightly.

h) As Kathryn begins to dream, we see tiny colourful clouds of light swirling in her head.