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DVAS | Society   What they made instead...

Dir: Jesse Yules & Cameron Tomsett

Rejected 08/28/2009


A proactive, retro video game based on a well-to-do fellow with 4 arms.  We follow our hero as he attempts to successfully juggle four mundane tasks at once, to score big points.


We start in bed.  A man and woman are sleeping.  The scene is colourful and has jagged edges like an 8-bit video game.  A bird is merely singing on window-sill of the bedroom.  The man wakes up, presses the button on his alarm clock and throws his slipper against the window to frighten off the bird.  The words Combo! 200 pts! float up from the clock radio. The man pulls away the covers and gets out of bed revealing he has 4 arms.

We cut to the bathroom. Our hero is in a towel.  He is shaving, reading a magazine, brushing his hair, and blow-drying a cat. The words 400 points! Great juggling! float past the screen.

We cut to the kitchen. He is eating ham & eggs, dangling a toy mouse for the cat and collaborating with his wife on the morning cross word. 300 points!  A kind-faced mailman passes by the window, wishing “Good morning.”  Our hero fires him a triumphant thumbs up with his free hand for a 50 point courtesy bonus.

Cut to the car.  The 4-armed man is putting the key in the ignition, talking on his phone, watering the cactus he keeps on his dash board, while adjusting his mirrors…. his wife runs out to give him a kiss. 5-way bonus!  500 pts!

Next he is at work. He is a baker. We see our hero cracking an egg, slicing truffles (secret ingredient), applying frosting to a finished cake, while handing a box with a bow to a customer. 400 points!  As the customer exits, our hero quickly holds open the door for a “courtesy bonus” of 50pts, but misses the mixing bowl with his second cracked egg.  -100pts.  The oven timer goes off.  Suddenly the man has oven mits on all 4 hands. He removes 4 cakes from the oven. They are in the shapes of the letters D, V, A, S. 400 pts!

Cut to our hero at a bar with his friends (a fireman, a nurse and a rabbi).  Our hero laughs as he pours shots for his friends, throws a dart (perfect bullseye), makes a bet on video gambling machine, and hits a trick shot on the pool table that sinks four balls.  Fantastic Combo!  800 pts!  Great friendship!

We cut to our hero, on the doorstep of his house, looking drunk.  He struggles to find the key hole and drops his hat.  -200pts.  :(  His wife opens the door looking angry and pointing at her watch. Slyly, our hero picks a flower from the yard with his free arm.  However, he fails to impress the wife when he delivers the blossom upside down, roots and dirt first. -400 pts.  The wife points to the kitchen.

Cut to the kitchen again. The man is washing dishes, giving his wife a massage and applying the dog’s medicated eye-drops. Recovery! 400 pts! 

Later on in bed, our hero is watching a movie about squids with an arm around his wife. He also is eating popcorn, adjusting the rabbit ears on the tv and opening a bottle of sleeping pills. 400 pts!  Next, our hero notices that a creepy burglar is peeking in the window.  Without much effort, the man moves his hand from his wife’s shoulder and pulls a gun from under her pillow.  He shoots the burglar. Necessary Force 100pts!

Our hero notices that due to his fine multitasking, his wife now has steam-lines coming off of her and hearts in her eyes.  Tossing the gun away, the man strokes his wife’s hair and undoes her blouse.  Revealed underneath is a bra with 4 cups. The man gives a quadruple thumbs up to the camera. 400 pts!  Nice Dexterity!

Stage clear.

Cut to black