Busta Ryhmes | World Go Round


Busta Ryhmes | World Go Round  What they made instead...

Rejected 04/03/09


Busta is working as a waiter at a swanky mansion party filled with beautiful ladies.  The billionaire throwing the party is an eccentric recluse who watches his guests through a tinted screen; his silhouette is strikingly similar to Michael Jackson.  The billionaire’s party room is filled with exotic caged animals.  As if this weren’t impressive enough, each of the beasts has been encrusted with diamonds and gold a la Damien Hurst. 

Busta makes his way around the party attempting to chat up girls while he serves drinks.  Each time he’s shot down with the same excuse.  ”I’m with the host.”  It looks like it’s not going to be Busta’s night, until a sudden change of fortune comes to pass.

Near the dancefloor is an indoor hot-tub.  Beside it a large glass aquarium with a hungry looking shark covered in rubies floating in it.

One of the women begins tapping on the aquarium to attract the shark; she’s startled when the creature bursts through the glass and dives into the hot tub. The vulnerable girls in the water fight to get out
of the tub. Busta reacts immediately; he tosses his jacket heroically aside and dives in to wrestle the shark.  Everyone watching is awestruck as Busta pulls the shark’s jaws apart, killing the animal like King Kong.  He emerges from the tub carrying the sharks metal jaws and it’s ruby dorsal fin.  The women are giving him crazy amounts of attention now.

Above the scene the silhouette of the billionaire paces back and forth frantically. He’s enraged at the loss of his pet shark and jealous of the attention his girlfriends are lavishing on Busta.  We see a shot of the billionaire’s crafty eyes, and then a close-up of his sparkled glove as he presses a button to release the rest of his dangerous pets from their cages on to unsuspecting guests.

The locks on the animal cages are blown off in a cloud of sparks.  On one side of the room, a jewelled anaconda springs from it’s enclosure onto the bar, breaking martini glasses and sending guests scrambling away in terror.  Elsewhere a jewelled koala leaps out and mauls a guest’s face.  On the dance floor, a case full of diamond-studded tarantulas are spilled out.  Finally at the back of the room, near the lounge area, the jewelled version of the spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park appears.  He is met with more screams and panic.

Fearlessly Busta takes action.  Using a coffee table as a work bench, He takes the shark jaw and fin he acquired earlier and combines them with a nearby lamp post to form a spear.

Busta now begins to work his way around the room hunting the escaped creatures and taking their jewelled hides as trophies.  By the end of the sequence he’s dressed head to toe in a kind of sparkling
animal-skin bling.

Once the animals are dispensed with, Busta turns his attention to the evil host.  He marches up a staircase leading to the billionaire’s sanctuary.  Following him is a gang of angry looking party ladies.
Busta and the ladies tear through a paper screen wall, where the billionaire is cowering.  The last shot of the video is from the POV of the billionaire as Busta, looking like a terrifying jeweled urban-warrior, charges towards him and stomps his face with a pelt covered shoe.