Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons

Of Montreal | Spiteful Intervention (version 1)

Rejected 01/15/2012 What we made instead... 


A 3D, morphing, animated collage. The images will be similar to the work of artist Jeff Koons, combined with more realistic versions of characters from the Of Montreal album art. The collaged images will be converted into 3D using the post-3D technique popular in IMAX films.

Step 1

We will construct animated collages featuring kitsch images (toys, candy), paint blobs and magazine collage featuring sexy lips, fingers with colourful nail polish and photos of wild animals. 

The lip-stick mouths featured in the animation will sing along to the track as they float through the compositions. The singing mouths will be similar to the giant mouth at the beginning of Rock Horror Picture Show. 

Step 2

The photo collaged images will be imported into the 3D suite Maya and converted into CG.

Step 3

We will paint a nude model all in white with white body make-up. We will paint the model’s hair white with spray-on hair colour. We will project the collage animation from step 1 on the model’s body. The model will be seated against a black velvet curtain to absorb the projectors reflected light.


The collage elements will be shot and scanned at 4K and animated in After Effects and Maya 3D. 

The final video will be delivered as a 1080p .mov quicktime.